Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

New Jersey's art museums welcome visitors from around the world to explore their unique collections, special exhibitions and enriching programs.


Comprised of artwork from virtually every nationality, New Jersey's art collections are a cultural celebration to be enjoyed by all.


The state offers a vast array of art-related venues that display all forms of art, including oils, watercolors, sculptures, photography and much more.


Exhibits both large and small can be found at attractions such as the Newark Museum, university art museums at both Princeton and Rutgers, the Morris Museum in Morristown and smaller galleries located in every corner of the state. 


In Trenton there's the New Jersey State Museum and Planetarium.  The museum is a four-in-one facility that features archaeology & ethnology, cultural history, fine art and natural history. The planetarium now features state-of-the-art Full Dome Video, visitors will feel the sensation of zooming through the Solar System and beyond.  


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