Although one of the smallest and most densely populated states in the nation, New Jersey offers endless fishing opportunities. From spring migrations of striped bass and American shad in the Delaware River to bayshores and the Atlantic coastline, there's something for all anglers.


And progressive management and fish culture and stocking programs means a greater of variety of fish are available than ever before. Waters in Wildlife Management Areas, in state parks and forests, in federal lands and county and municipal parks make fishing nearby for everyone.


Many sites have been improved for access by wheelchair, and public boat ramps abound. For those who've never tried fishing or have been away from the sport, two Free Fishing Days in June allow fishing without a license or trout stamp and a license is never required for saltwater fishing. New Jersey's rich marine resources offer an outstanding variety of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the state.


They also support an important commercial fishery and provide the basis for one of the state's most important industries - tourism. From blue claws to striped bass, from surf fishing to deep artificial reefs, the division's management of marine resources provides an incredible range of possibilities for enjoying our coastal areas.


Our marine resources provide something for anyone interested in saltwater fishing, clamming or crabbing. Stretching from the Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook to Cape May and the Delaware Bay, New Jersey's 83 miles of bayshores and 130 miles of Atlantic coastline provide unparalleled opportunities for enjoying our marine resources.


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