Housing Needed for Disaster Responders

What's Going On?
The tri-state area is in need of housing for FEMA disaster responders; specifically for locations within 60 miles of New York. As of now, roughly 700 FEMA responders and an additional 2,000-4,000 are expected over the next five days. Housing is anticipated to be short-term.
What You Can Do?
Contact the National Business Emergency Operations Center at fema-nrcc-nbeoc@fema.dhs.gov if you can offer housing assistance for FEMA responders.
PSEG (a New Jersey energy company) has also requested housing for several hundred utility workers. If you can offer housing for PSEG workers, please contact Randall Mehrberg at randall.mehrberg@pseg.com or 973-430-7620 if you can offer housing assistance for PSEG responders.
Resources www.fema.gov www.pseg.com


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