Barnegat Lighthouse


New Jersey's Sentinels of the Sea


New Jersey’s lighthouses are majestic beacons, silent sentinels that guard time and mariners alike.


It is a testament to the craftsmanship of their construction that so many lighthouses survive today, after years of fighting the awe-inspiring forces of the sea. Each one that remains tells its own fascinating tale of bygone seafarers and the dangers they faced.


As you plan your next vacation, remember to discover New Jersey’s lighthouses. The 11 lighthouses that are open to the public are located in some of the most beautiful and adventurous settings you’ll ever visit.


Put them on your travel itinerary, and you’ll agree ... New Jersey’s lighthouses are still a must-see.


Lighthouses are many things to many people. To some, they are the seaside guardians of a bygone era, idyllic landmarks set on picturesque beaches and bluffs.


To others, New Jersey’s lighthouses are guiding lights offering hope and comfort miles out on an often-treacherous sea.


But no matter what view you hold, everyone agrees on one thing: Lighthouses are simply magical.


These 11 New Jersey lighthouses are open to the public:



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