Lighting up the New Jersey Night

Star light, star bright, first star I see to - actually, let’s stick with that “light” part for now. New Jersey’s night sky comes alive during the holiday season with colorful dancing lights set to music in a number of spectacular displays.
If you thought Paris was the city of light, be sure to try these luminous Jersey wintertime destinations on for size.
In southern New Jersey, Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino & Resort presents a dazzling interactive light spectacular, which has been billed as the Northeast’s premier holiday light show.
A 25-foot-tall tree provides the centerpiece around which lights swirl, glow and dance to an array of musical selections.
Those holiday classics range from jazz to rock to international hits, including “Joy to the World,” “Greensleeves,” “Nutracker Suite” and “Brazilian Sleigh Bells.”
The illuminating performance lasts just over five minutes and is presented hourly throughout the holiday season.
Prefer a slightly more serene setting for your holiday cheer? Hop onto Rt. 9 and head about 13 miles north of Atlantic City to Smithville – a historic town known for its old-fashioned charm and picturesque village green.
The town’s Lake Meone, dotted with paddleboats in summer, comes alive each winter for a holiday light show. More than 100 Christmas trees appear to magically float on the lake, and light up to broadcast holiday music.
This orchestrated light show takes place throughout December on Thursday through Sunday nights, casting a colorful glow across Lake Meone.
And while you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss Smithville’s historic shopping village, which includes more than 60 shops with cute names like Razzle Dazzle, Prairie Fire and Piney’s Hollow, along with a handful of lakeview eateries.
Far from the quiet Smithville countryside, up north in Jersey City, the LeFrak Organization has been shining its 60-foot-high lightbox down on the Garden State for more than five years now.
The box sits atop its 32-story Jersey City office building along the Hudson River waterfront, blending with the building’s glass façade during the day.
Starting at dusk the rest of the building’s windows fade away and the lightbox is lit up, visible both in New Jersey and across the river in Manhattan.
The box presents a year-round, daily lightshow, which includes 30 minutes of seasonal colors and displays during the holidays.


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