There is something about a hot air balloon that is intriguing, captivating and awe-inspiring. Perhaps it has to do with man and woman’s fascination with flight since the beginning of time.


Experimentation with hot air ballooning began over 200 years ago. The first hot air balloon or lighter than air demonstration was with the Montgolfier brothers in 1783. Their first successful flight carried a sheep, a rooster and a duck on board.


The first flight in the United States was from Philadelphia, PA to Deptford, New Jersey. In fact, there is a Deptford hot air balloon that flies the skies of Southern New Jersey as well as many festivals around the US.


A large number of hot air balloonists live and play in northwest New Jersey, in particular Warren and Hunterdon Counties.


This part of New Jersey is quite rural in some parts so landing spots are plentiful. Balloonatics & Aeronuts is situated just a mile from the Delaware River and sometimes if the winds are favorable, you end up doing a “splash and dash” on the river.


Hunterdon Ballooning offers balloon rides from either Flemington or Clinton in scenic Hunterdon County.



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