Skipper Dipper

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Skipper Dipper

9305 Long Beach Blvd., Peahala Park, NJ 08008

Property Description

Skipper Dipper opened its doors and dipping cabinets in the groovy summer of ’78 to give Long Beach Island its favorite place to go for a sweet snack. The flavors and toppings may have changed through the years, but Skipper’s menu, offering a wide assortment of soft and hard ice creams, shakes, sundaes and ice cream cakes is as timeless as ever. Owned and operated by a son of the founding family, Dave Powitz, Skipper Dipper is happy to welcome returning families and new visitors alike!


Across from the Peahala Park Water Tower, Beach Stadium 5 Movie Theater and the Acme Supermarket. Parking available.