Six Flags Great Adventure Properties Debut Five New Rides in 2012

Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari celebrate their 39th season in 2012.  Four new rides including the massive SkyScreamer extreme swing ride, a new Wild Safari tour and Hurricane Harbor’s intimidating King Cobra racing tube slide headline the New Jersey properties’ blockbuster 2012 season. 
Six Flags Great Adventure is introducing both extreme and family thrills to its current lineup.  SkyScreamer, a 24-story-tall extreme swing ride, anchors the newly-themed Adventure Alley, featuring three new family rides -- Fender Benders bumper cars, a music-themed scrambler called Déjà Vu, and flying elephants known as Air Jumbo.
The newest sensation in tower rides, SkyScreamer takes traditional swing rides to the next level. Thirty-two guests board the ride and sit two across in open-air swings as they climb to the top of the SkyScreamer tower while spinning round and round.  At full swing, guests soar in a 98-foot circle at speeds of 40 mph high above the park below. 
SkyScreamer, Déjà Vu and Air Jumbo are currently open, with Fender Benders following in July.  Adventure Alley joins the park’s already stellar lineup of innovative rides and attractions including three children’s areas and record-breaking roller coasters including the world’s No. 1 wooden coaster, El Toro, the world’s tallest coaster, Kingda Ka, and one of the world’s top steel coasters, Nitro.
For the first time at Six Flags Wild Safari, guests have the opportunity to venture outside their cars to feed towering giraffes.  A guided bus tour that departs from the theme park, Close Encounters, transports guests to Camp Rose, an enclosed section of the Wild Safari where guests can walk freely and see these astounding animals up close. 
The tour also includes an informative and breathtaking look at nearly 1,200 exotic animals living among the park’s 350 acres.  Tour tickets can be purchased inside the theme park.
At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, it’s Go Big, Go Extreme--with the addition of King Cobra, an intense and visually-stunning, racing tube slide, slated for a July opening.  King Cobra promises one of the most extreme riding experiences in the industry while also delivering great spectator appeal. 
Complete with bold orange, black and white scales to resemble a massive cobra on both the interior and exterior, this slide tower will be the first of its kind anywhere in the United States.
King Cobra’s unique configuration enables two tubes to race through a circular path with twists, turns and surprises through enclosed and open sections of the slide at speeds up to 32 miles per hour. 
The ride’s finale features a sudden, 25-foot plunge at a 50-degree angle with riders racing until the heart-pounding finish as they appear to be swallowed by the massive mouth of the cobra. 
King Cobra is manufactured by Polin, a world leader in the aquatic industry with its innovative design, manufacturing and installation of water parks in 80 countries around the globe. King Cobra marks Polin’s first major U.S. installation in the company’s 35-year history. 
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor operates weekends until June 22 when it begins its daily operation.
The best way to enjoy the thrills of the 2012 season is with a season pass.  2012 season passes are currently on sale and a great family value.  All season passes include free tickets for friends, unlimited access to concerts and events like Fright Fest, and free visits to Six Flags Theme Parks across the country. 
Guests can also try a Summer Thrill Pass – for the price of a one-day admission, they can enjoy unlimited visits to Six Flags Great Adventure through Sept 16.  For more information, visit


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