Atlantic City’s Fabulous Beach


What do the words "Atlantic City " bring to mind? Casinos? Money? Nightlife? The Boardwalk? Back in the late 1800s, Philadelphians taking the train into Atlantic City had only one thing on their minds: the beach. Atlantic City's beach served as a retreat from steamy summer city days and a place to recuperate from the stress and ills of daily city. That still stands true, but today, the beach in this "always turned on" destination has a few extra perks. Atlantic City's beach - linked to the casinos, shops and streets by the world-famous Boardwalk is the most affordable entertainment you can find in the city. The cost to feel the warm sand beneath your toes and the cool ocean breeze against your sun-kissed skin is free! That's right, unlike other beaches along the Jersey Shore, there are no badges or entrance fees for Atlantic City. The beaches are even equipped with handicap access ramps so everyone can enjoy the sand and surf. So bring your friends, children, lovers or just yourself to relax in the sand for a while.Lifeguards are on duty throughout the summer season between 10am and 6pm, so you can feel safe testing the Atlantic Ocean's waves. Atlantic City has definitely "turned on" locals and visitors alike since the opening of its beach bars. Each summer you can beach bar hop from noon until late night. Live entertainment, drink specials, promotions and delicious food are all within the sound of the breaking waves. The beach bars are the place to be each summer season. There aredesignated beaches for water sports. Surfers showing off their skills as well as their boards can be found on Crystal Beach at New Hampshire Ave., Delaware Ave. Beach and Downtown Beach at Raleigh Ave. Kayaking and windsurfing enthusiasts can bring their equipment down to Jackson Ave. Beach and spend hours out on the water. Volleyball players can also start a game with other beach goers at nets located in front of several hotels along the beach. Atlantic City's signature summer event, the Atlantic City Air Show, "Thunder over the Boardwalk," takes place in August above both the city and the ocean. The beach provides the best view for this free event.Watch as members of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and civilian owned aircraft showcase their skills with demonstrations, flybys and search and rescues.