The Sky’s the Limit

77th Annual Warren County Farmers Fair Featuring the 14th Annual Balloon Festival The annual county fair is a family fun event that features a hot air balloon festival along with a traditional arts expo.


This year the fair celebrates its 77th anniversary of delivering old fashioned fun at old fashioned prices. If you have never experienced the thrill of watching a bevy of colorful hot air balloons majestically rise from green pasture to blue sky, you can't imagine what you're missing. And if you're inclined to adventure, you can buy a ticket, hop on board and join the fun close-up. Not quite so sure you want to fully commit to that blue sky to green pasture? Take a tethered balloon ride for $10 (weather permitting). Enjoy a short trip to tree-top level - the best view of the fair is in the air!

Visit for a complete overview of this highly popular event. The County Fair's idea of inflation is the Balloon Inflation held each evening at the mass balloon launches each evening. On Friday and Saturday evening the balloon port will also be lit up with Balloomination, a special Balloon Glow Show synchronized to patriotic music. One of the most popular and unusual races at this balloon festival is the Bicycle Balloon Race. In this race a bicyclist rides in the balloon and the bike gets strapped to the outside of the basket. Pilots need to pass a particular landmark at which point they can land and let the biker out. At that point the biker races back to the fairground. There's also mass balloon launches, Tethered Rides and the Hare Hound Races where the first balloon off the field is the hare balloon. The hare lands and puts out a giant "X" on the ground. The other balloons follow in its tracks and each pilot has a bean bag they will throw if they come close to the "X". The pilot that throws closest to the center of the "X" wins.

Visit for more information on the Balloon Festival.