New Jersey Opera

For the last 50 years, the New Jersey State Opera has dazzled audiences with incredible performances from famed artists and orchestras.

Founded in 1964, the New Jersey State Opera has a dedicated history of bringing full-scale orchestras, choirs and captivating performances to the citizens of New Jersey over the course of the last fifty years. Throughout the years, the company has been housed in Newark’s Symphony Hall, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and most recently has found its home in 2012 at the Aprea Auditorium at the Clifton Community Center in Clifton, New Jersey. While the Aprea Auditorium is now home, the company continues to tour throughout the state in an effort to infuse culture and arts throughout the New Jersey community.

Over the years, the New Jersey State Opera has featured a long list of artists and performers that include some of the greatest opera stars of our time. E. Mario Bertolino, Placido Domingo, Victroia de los Angles, Birgit Nilsson, and Samuel Ramey are just a few of the legendary performers that have taken the stage.

Currently, the New Jersey State Opera offers a range of events including featured luncheons, vocal contests, the 2nd annual Golf Classic, as well as a monthly Operlouge Series.

The Operlogue Series runs on the third Thursday of every month, taking a hiatus in July and August, and resuming in September 2014. The first six operas of this year featured the melodies of Puccini, while the last three operas will feature musical studies of La Rondine, Il Trittico, and Turandot. All performances begin at 7:00PM and are held at the Aprea Auditorium at the Clifton Community Center in Clifton, New Jersey. Click here for more details.

In addition to the musical performances and enriching events offered by the New Jersey State Opera, the company also provides a dynamic education and outreach program. Designed for student’s grades 5-12, the company offers an array of programs that include young artists, behind-the-scenes apprenticeships, internships, vocal competitions and master classes.

Currently under the direction of Alfred Lembo, Edward Perretti, and Antonio Buonauro, the New Jersey State Opera has entered a state of reorganization and embraced a “forward funding” model alongside Opera America. Under this new policy, productions on the main stage will only be produced when funds are secured in advance. Click here for more information and a full list of events