Breweries and Craft Beer in New Jersey

New Jersey's brewing scene is booming. Check out all these great local microbreweries and brewpubs and get a taste of the state's hoppy libations.
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Brewies are a great way to check out the local flavor. There are dozens of breweries across the state that offer tastings of their products when they are at their freshest. Many of the tasting rooms are some of the coolest spots in the state to have a beer.
Brewpubs offer not only craft beers of their own making on tap, but also some great pub food. Some also sell their beer for carryout by the bottle, a jug known as a "growler" and keg. Visit the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild website at for detailed information on New Jersey's microbreweries and brewpubs:
Artisan's Brewery Italian Grill
Flying Fish Brewing Company
Gaslight Brewery Restaurant
Harvest Moon Brewery and Café
High Point Wheat Beer Company
J.J. Bitting Brewing Company
Krogh's Restaurant Brew Pub
Long Valley Pub and Brewery
River Horse Brewing Company
The Ship Inn Restaurant Brewery
Trap Rock Restaurant Brewery
Triumph Brewing Company
Tun Tavern Brewery Restaurant
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