Mahwah Museum

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Mahwah Museum

201 Franklin Tpk., Mahwah, NJ 07430
201-512-0099 Mahwah

Property Description

The Mahwah Museum Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating individuals about the rich history of Mahwah, New Jersey and the surrounding area.

The Museum includes the Mahwah Museum Building, the Donald Cooper Railroad, and the Old Station Museum and Caboose.  The museum's collection comprises artifacts, vintage clothing, photographs, historical records and documents.

The Museum is home to permanent exhibits that include Les Paul in Mahwah, a topographical map of Mahwah and its surrounding areas, and the trading post of the first European settler to this area, Blandina Bayard.

The Mahwah Museum presents educational programming such as our monthly HISTORY LECTURE SERIES and GALLERY TALKS that provide an in-depth look at the current exhibit.

Please visit the website or call for more information about the Mahwah Museum, our current exhibit, hours, and admission fees.