New Jersey 2010 Tourism Expenditures Demonstrate Industry Continues on Path to Growth

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey’s tourism industry posted $35.5 billion in total expenditures in 2010 according to data released today by the New Jersey Department of State. That represents an increase of 0.8 percent over 2009, and marks the first improvement since the industry’s pre-recession high of $39.5 billion set in 2007. Overall domestic visitation to New Jersey rose 4.6 percent to roughly 67.7 million in 2010, led by a 7.3 percent increase in leisure visits.
“New Jersey, like the entire nation, was hit hard by the national recession, and tourism was not immune,” said Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, who oversees the Division of Travel & Tourism as Secretary of State. “Yet despite facing $13 billion in cumulative budget deficits within months of taking office, our Administration continued to make significant investments in tourism, arts, history and cultural organizations. This not only helped our tourism stakeholders weather the storm, but made it easier to build on important advantages such as our strategic location and the natural appeal of 130 miles of scenic coastline.”
The report, conducted by Vantage Strategy, reaffirmed the critical importance the tourism industry plays in New Jersey’s ongoing economic recovery. Core tourism, defined by industries providing direct services to visitors, maintained its standing as the state’s third largest industry, supporting nearly 310,000 private sector jobs while providing over $10 billion in wages and salaries in 2010. Visitor initiated spending tax revenue rose to $2.4 billion last year, while the tourism industry in general contributed close to nine percent of total state government returns. Tourism-related activity generated $7.2 billion in federal, state and local government revenue in 2010.
“Today’s numbers are encouraging, and we’re confident the foundation is in place for greater results for 2011,” said Grace Hanlon, Executive Director of the Division of Travel and Tourism. “New Jersey’s upcoming spring-summer multimedia campaign will encompass billboard, radio and television, and the assistance provided by the destination and cooperative grant programs will continue to market the Garden State and all we have to offer.”
Other notable findings include –
Core tourism means jobs: The economic value of New Jersey’s core tourism industry is larger than the entire gross national product (GDP) of 84 countries. Including total impact, meaning industries providing services to core tourism providers, it exceeds the GDP of 97 countries.
Out-of-state visitors again driving expenditures: Out-of-state visitors accounted for 68 percent of tourism expenditures, followed by resident/in-state (23 percent), internal business travel (five percent), and out-of-country (two percent).
Tourism contributes disproportionately to state revenue: While responsible for four percent of gross state product (GSP), tourism contributed 8.8 percent of state government revenue in 2010.
Tourism enhances New Jersey’s quality of life: For every 180 visitors to New Jersey, a new job is created. Every 214 visitors cover the cost of one public school student for a year.
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The Division of Travel and Tourism is part the Business Action Center within the Department of State.