The Battle of Monmouth

For those fascinated by the American Revolution, the annual reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth should not be missed.

Visitors with a keen appreciation of America's Revolutionary War history won't want to miss the annual reenactment of the Battle at Monmouth held every June at Monmouth Battlefield State Park.

The annual reenactment is one of the largest in the nation that draws 20,000 spectators a year and is based on the battle of June 28, 1778, which marked the beginning of the end of British rule over the 13 American colonies.

It involved both infantry and artillery units that exchanged bullets and cannonballs during the daylong battle in blistering heat.

Visitors will be engulfed by the realism of the reenactment that features both cannon and musket fire and authentically dressed troops camped out in the park.

In addition to the "soldiers," there are living history camps with family members dressed in period clothing, merchants and ongoing artillery, infantry and cavalry demonstrations.