New Jersey’s Beautiful Waterways

New Jersey is blessed with miles of ocean coastline, plus inland lakes, rivers and streams, making it an ideal destination for boating.

Recreational boating is a favorite pastime of many New Jerseyans. With 127 miles of ocean coastline and 157 miles of Delaware Bay and River waters, plus inland lakes, rivers, streams and tributaries, the opportunities to enjoy boating in New Jersey are nearly endless.

More than almost anywhere else in the nation, individuals and families in the metropolitan area are looking for activities that are safe, secure, low-stress and fun for all. Boating provides just that. The coastal region boasts a variety of activities that boaters can enjoy while visiting or traveling on New Jersey's many waterways. Some of these include the state's numerous boardwalks, amusement parks, casinos and zoos. Visitors can learn about the local heritage, visit museums and historic lighthouses and relish the fine local seafood. They also can shop, golf, fish, hike, bird and crab. And the New Jersey coastline is only a short hop from both New York City and Philadelphia.

Discover the mystery, magic and wonder that New Jersey's beautiful waterways have to offer. For more information, call the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey at 732-292-1051.