Water, Water Everywhere! 10 Ways to Cool Off in New Jersey

Ah, the glorious days of summer! It's time to kick back and cool off with activities on, in and by the water! New Jersey features plenty of refreshing options—from serene lakes and lazy rivers to breezy beaches and, of course, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Whether you're into active or more leisurely pursuits, drench yourself in these fun outings. Download and print this cool infographic to remind you how to chill out this season.

Swim & Splash at 14 Free Beaches
Along its 130 miles of Atlantic coastline, New Jersey offers dozens of ocean beaches where you can swim, sun, boogie board or build sandcastles—including 14 free beaches! Learn more about NJ's "badge-free" beaches, like Atlantic City, Barnegat Beach, Highlands, Ocean County Park, Union Beach and The Wildwoods.

Take a Cruise on Lake Hopatcong
There's plenty of room on the nine-mile-long Lake Hopatcong in Sussex County (NJ's largest body of fresh water) for waterskiing, kayaking, fishing and swimming. But for pure relaxation, book a leisurely cruise (maybe Sunday brunch?) on the Miss Lotta.

Jump Into Swartswood
You'll feel like you stepped back in time at Swartswood Lake, a 550-acre expanse created by glaciers and surrounded by the Kittatinny Mountains. Bring a good old-fashioned picnic, and enjoy a summer outing like people did a century ago. In fact, did you know that Swartswood Lake was named New Jersey's first state park in 1915?

Tube Along a Lazy River
Beat the heat by floating down a river! Many of NJ's water parks offer a lazy river-style attraction. (Check out the offerings at OC Waterpark, Hurricane Harbor and Splashplex). Prefer something a little more old school? See what Mother Nature created with Delaware River Tubing. This historic river is a natural (and national) treasure!

Do the Ultimate Slip & Slide
At Mountain Creek Waterpark
Hot enough for you? For the ultimate in cool-down outings, head to Mountain Creek Waterpark in Vernon, where the "thrill level" ranges from easy to high. For water park enthusiasts at least 48 inches tall, plummet 99 feet in a near-vertical body slide on H2-Oh-No!

Take Up Kayaking
On Sea, Lake or River
Paddle sports are popular in New Jersey, and it's easy to see why: the state's a water playground! For a great upper body workout and a nice breeze, go kayaking. If you also surf, you may be up for stand-up paddleboarding, too.

Catch Ocean Breezes on a Whale Watching Tour
Looking for a summer outing that will appeal to all ages? Take a cruise to view the majestic creatures of the sea. Cape May Whale Watcher guarantees a whale or dolphin sighting, or you'll get a free pass for another marine mammal watching trip!

Boat Along 157 Miles of Delaware Bay & River
Whether you're captaining a speedboat, kayak or paddleboard, enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as you boat along NJ's beautiful waterways: 130 miles of Atlantic coastline, 157 miles of Delaware Bay and River, plus numerous inland lakes, rivers, streams and tributaries.
Try Flowboarding
If you like surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding and wake boarding, you'll be totally on board for flowboarding! Check out this fun hybrid sport at Thundering Surf Water Park in Beach Haven or Splash Zone Waterpark in Wildwood.
Seek Out the Perfect Surf Spot
With perfect, barreling beach breaks along its 130-mile-long coastline, NJ is a surfer's paradise. While fall is the state's top season for surfing, start checking out surfing beaches now and plan an outing.
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